COINS 2017

Empowering Secretaries: Featuring the Present and the Future

How will the professional secretary promote empowering to be able to star in his/her own story? How is our work today and how will it be in the future?

When we choose a profession, we search for our own identity and where we belong, placing our knowledge to service a fairer and more sustainable society.

Do You Know How to Be/How to Act?
How to Place yourself? How to Do things? How to Acknowklege/Get to Know things?
Do you Know How To?


Be the leading actor in your life; this is your most noble mission.

COINS 2017 will feature us with our feet in the present, and eyes in the future. It will be a dynamic, provocative, and definitely strategic event. Speakers and professionals of the highest level will share knowledge and experiences.

Be among those who are empowered, updated and protagonists of life itself. Be a leader of yourself; participate and evolve into the future.

Welcome to COINS (Congresso Internacional de Secretariado), the largest and most complete event of its kind in Brazil!

Date: October 26-28, 2017
Venue: Maksoud Plaza Hotel
Address: Rua São Carlos do Pinhal, 424 – Bela Vista
Zip: 01333-000 – São Paulo – SP