Marcelo Toledo – EMCEE

Journalist, post graduated in Corporate Communications, Mr. Toledo, prior to his specialization in corporate events, has worked for the Publishing Companies Maltese and Moderna; Rádio Bandeirantes and Revista Circuito Agrícola (Magazine Agricultural Circuit).  Mr. Toledo has more than 15 years of experience in Corporate Communications and worked for four years as Communication Manager for Latin America at Inform Group. He created his own company, KOPR Comunicação e Informação Estratégica, in 2009.

He has been EMCEE for more than 10 years and has trained executives in addressing audiences based on his considerable experience in events and own expertise as master of ceremonies and utilizing a methodology created in the U.S. properly adapted to the Brazilian Corporate scenario.  Dozens of professionals were trained among CEOs, CIOs, COOs, CFOs, comptrollers, consultants and supervisors of several areas such as IT, Financial Market, Pharmaceutical and Media.

Ana Paula Marinho – São Paulo/SP

Bachelor in Bilingual Executive Secretariat from Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul, Project Management Specialist from SENAC, Master in International Management and Administration at ESPM (College of Advertising and Marketing), Professor at FATEC/SP (College of Technology of State of São Paulo) of Secretariat and Office automation.

Experienced in pharmaceutical and automotive industry as Executive Support and Project Support Officer (PSO). Leader of the Secretarial Studies Group called “Secretariando” (Performance of Secretaries).  Lecturer and Vice President of SINSESP (Union of Secretaries of the State of São Paulo). Author and researcher.

Bete D’Elia – São Paulo/SP

Graduated in Portuguese-French from USP – University of São Paulo. Specialist at Universal Psychology at Psyko Universal Development Institute. She is coach graduated from IHDL – Lippi Institute of Human Development. Consultant of Management professionals in the public and private sectors, mainly in the Secretarial segment. Director at Toucher Human Development Ltda.

Author of the book: Profissionalismo–Não dá para não ter (Professionalism, it is a must). Co-author of the following books: As Novas Competências do Profissional de Secretariado – The new Competencies of the Secretariat Professional (IOB Thomson); Gestão do Tempo e Produtividade – Time Management and Productivity (Ser Mais; Coaching and Mentoring).  Ser Mais. Coordinator of the book Excelência no Secretariado (Excellence in the Secretariat) along with Magali Amorim and Maurício Sita, (Ser Mais Publishers).

Bruno Américo Ferreira – Macapá/AP

Presently taking MBA in Strategic Administration at Faculdade Estácio de Sá. Graduate in Executive Secretariat from Universidade Federal do Amapá (Federal University of the State of Amapá – UNIFAP). Technical graduate in Administration from Escola Estadual Prof. Gabriel de Almeida Café (Technical State School Prof. Gabriel de Almeida Café – EEPGAC).

Founder and former President and Director of Marketing and Communication of Empresa Júnior (Junior Co.) of the Executive Secretarial Course of UNIFAP (from 2013 to 2015).

Presently, Mr. Ferreira is Secretary to the Cabinet of the Regional Counsel of Engineering and Agronomy of the State of Amapá (CREA – AP). He is professional coach by the Sociedade Brasileira de Coaching (SBCoaching and with experience in the fields of consultancy, market research and sectorial diagnostics.

Dra. Carla Tieppo – São Paulo/SP

Neuroscientist and pioneer in the courses of extension in Neuroscience in Brazil. She is Doctor of Science from Universidade de São Paulo (University of São Paulo – USP). Dr. Tieppo has been professor and researcher at Faculdade de Ciências Médicas de São Paulo – Santa Casa (School of Medical Sciences) for 20 years, where she teaches graduate and post graduate courses on the nervous system functioning   and its relationship with human behavior. She has been also professor of Faculdade de Psicologia – PUC-SP (College of Psychology – Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo) for 6 years.

She is speaker and consultant and applies neuroscience concepts aiming at facilitating the human development from the tangible interface of the knowledge of the brain and its potentialities.

She has been speaker and provided training courses at companies such as Petrobrás, Hays, Dow Química e Rede, Correios (Brazilian Postal Service), INPE  (National Institute of Space Research), Método Supera and Government of the State of São Paulo.

Daniel Luz – Sorocaba/SP

Mr. Luz is specialized in People Management and Cultural Reconstruction.  Author of several books which have positively influenced the lives of thousands of people, one of them is Insight with more than 6,000 copies sold.  Mr. Luz teaches post-graduation courses at Centro Paula Souza (Paula Souza Center –  Federal School for low-income students) and FAAP (Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado – University) and is a contributor in domestic and international medias.  Winner of several prizes and among them four TOP HR, awarded by ADVB (Association of Sales and Marketing Leaders in Brazil), and Destaque HR prize, award by Gestão & RH Editora (Publishers).

Graduate from Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho – UNESP (State of São Paulo University – Júlio de Mesquita Filho) and post-graduation and master degrees from Centro Paula Souza, Mr. Luz has led an outstanding career in companies such as ZF-Sachs, Hayes Lemmerz and Johnson Controls.  He has been also responsible for programs such as Team Engagement, Union Mediation, Continuous Improvement Projects, People Development and Corporate University enabling companies to achieve improved levels in performance.

Denise Zaninelli – São Paulo/SP

Ms. Zaninelli has been Executive Secretary to the Presidency of Grupo Fleury (Medical/Health Organization) since 1994.  She has been teaching Secretarial Skills at Universidade São Judas Tadeu, (University São Judas Tadeu) since 2009.

She is specialized in Executive Assistance from Centro Universitário Uni Ítalo (University Center Uni Ítalo), Portuguese Grammar from Faculdade São Marcos (College São Marcos) and Executive Secretary from Faculdade Ítalo Brasileira (College Ítalo Brasileira.).  She is also a graduate in Translation – major in English – from Faculdade Ibero Americana.

She is presently taking a Master´s degree course in Education at Universidade Municipal de São Caetano do Sul (University of São Caetano do Sul City).

Eliane Gonçalves – São Paulo/SP

Ms. Eliane Gonçalves has been working as an Executive Assistant for more than 20 years in multinational companies such as Bridgestone, MWM International, Intel, Colgate and Black&Decker.

She is currently a member of Bridgestone’s Ethics and Compliance Committees in Brazil. Responsible for managing the confidential reporting channel, conducting internal investigations and sending reports to the US headquarters. Provides training on Ethics and Compliance issues and coordinates internal events such as the Ethics Week.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from PUC-SP, with postgraduate degrees in Business Management from the Universidade Metodista (Methodist University) and in Compliance from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (Foundation Getúlio Vargas).  Certified translator of English language since 2000.

Ellen Camargo – São Paulo/SP

Ms. Ellen Camargo has a 12-year experience in assisting executives in domestic and multinational companies. She is Executive Secretary to the President of Kroton Educacional (Kroton Educational), where she implemented the Pool of Secretaries of the company and she also manages its staff.

She is a post graduate in Management of Cultural Projects and  Events from Universidade de São Paulo (University of São Paulo – USP) and graduate as Trilingual Executive Secretary from Fundação Escola de Comércio Álvares Penteado (FECAP).

Enoque Raposo – Boa Vista/RR

Mr. Raposo is a genuine indigenous to community Raposa I, who acts as producer of cultural projects.

He is a graduate of Executive Secretary at the Universidade Federal de Roraima (Federal University of Roraima – UFRR) and has ae degree in Entrepreneurship in Tourism Management from The Fulbright Program – Florida / USA.

His first experience in the cultural area was the 1st edition of Anna Komanto Eseru – Festival Panelas de Barro (Festival of Clay Pots), in 2012. As from that year, he has participated in cultural activities and other events at UFRR and also as Emcee in its events.

He is translator of English and Macuxi languages. Being a freelancer, he applies the experience as a producer and cultural articulator in collaboration with the Jaider Esbell gallery and excelled in applied research and the training of guided tours in legal compliance on tourism in indigenous areas.

Prof. Eugenio Mussak – São Paulo/SP

Physician, Mr. Mussak has been dedicated to education for more than 40 years as    professor, author and businessman.  He is dedicated to corporate education since 1998. He is professor at Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA – Foundation Institute of Administration) and guest professor at Fundação Dom Cabral (Foundation Dom Cabral – Brazilian Business School).    Author of 12 books in the fields of Human Behavior, People Management, Leadership, Strategy and Contemporary Changes.  He created the concept of Metacompetência (Meta-competencies) in 2003.

Board member of ABRH – Associação Brasileira de Recursos Humanos (Brazilian Association of Human Resources), he was coordinator of CONARH – Congresso Brasileiro de Recursos Humanos (Brazilian Congress of Human Resources), the second largest in the world.  Mr. Mussak writes for magazines such as Vida Simples, Você S.A. and Melhor – Gestão de Pessoas and is presenter of “Alternativas” (Alternatives) at Rádio Estadão.

Fernando Camargo – São Paulo/SP

Mr. Camargo is a professor of Post-Graduation Course in Executive Assistance at Fundação Escola de Comércio Álvares Penteado (Foundation of Trade School Álvares Penteado – FECAP).

He is an associate at Associação Brasileira de Pesquisa em Secretariado (Brazilian Association of Research in Secretarial Activity – ABPSEC); member of the Grupo de Trabalho Nacional  (Group of National Labor – GTN) and of the  Comitê Estratégico de Educação (Strategic Committee in Education) both at SINSESP.

Co-author of “Excelência no Secretariado” (Excellence in the Secretarial Profession), one of the chapters being : “O Homem e o Secretariado” (Man and the Secretarial Profession).

He is currently taking a Master Degree in Administration in the post-graduation program at FECAP, with major in Finance. Post-graduate in Executive Assistance and graduate in Trilingual Executive Assistance from FECAP.

Francine Garbelotti – Salvador/BA

Image Consultant, Speaker and Personal Stylist – graduated in the Executive Secretary at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), and majoring in Business Management. Worked for eight years as a Secretary for NGO in social and educational fields.

She has expertise in Personal and Corporate Image, Personal Branding and Visual Merchandising. Francine works with Executive Secretaries, training, teaching, and empowering them toward self-image and strengthening their personal brand.

Glòria Gratacòs – Barcelona/Spain

Ms. Gratacòs was born in Barcelona (Catalunya, Spain), where she lived most of her life. She lived in Edimburg – Scotland, UK, for a year, aiming at improving her knowledge of the English language.  She has attended the official courses of Administrative Professional Training and Secretarial Skills for Top Management.  She holds a Master´s Degree in Assistant Business Administration from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (University Oberta of Catalunya).

She has been working as an Executive Assistant in the department Alliances, Partners Management & Integration Office at Almirall S.A, a Spanish multinational company in the pharmaceutical field, for fifteen years.

She became member of EUMA (European Management Assistants), currently IMA (International Management Assistants) in 2003. Since 2009 she has held various positions within the Comitê Nacional de EUMA (National Committee of EUMA) – President, Deputy President and Treasurer in the last management. She is also a member of SEiEM (Secretariat i Empresa – Secretarial Professional and Company), the professional association in Catalunya.

Isabel Cristina Baptista – São Paulo/SP

Ms. Baptista is the President of SINSEP (Secretaries’ Union of the State of São Paulo). Graduated as Executive Secretary from Universidade de Taubaté in 1983 (University of Taubaté – São Paulo State). Postgraduate in PNL from Universidade de Mogi das Cruzes (University of Mogi das Cruzes – São Paulo State).

She worked for medium and large companies. President of Develop – Professional Development Training. Publisher of Scientific Magazine “Gestão e Secretariado” (Management and Secretarial Profession).

Participated in the annual event EFAM (Educational Forum and Annual Meeting), 2010-2013 promoted by the IAAP – International Association of Administrative Professionals – held in the US. Founder and manager of the COINS. Author of the chapter: “The role of Professional Associations. History data and current achievements” in the book: Excelência no Secretariado.

João Bonifácio – São Paulo/SP

Mr. Bonifácio is Project Manager certified by PMI since 2009. Bachelor in Computer Science from the Universidade de São Paulo (USP), postgraduate in Marketing from the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM), specialist in Management from the Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia (Mauá Institute of Technology – IMT-CECEA) and Methodology of Higher Education and Research from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (Foundation Getúlio Vargas – Rio de Janeiro).

Professor in Postgraduate courses in Project Management – PMI Practices, Strategic Management of Projects Portfolio & PMO and Strategic Management of People in SENAC – SP.

Experienced professional in IT, Telecom, Banking Automation, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Agri-Business and Full BPO. Currently Corporate PMO in Interfile Full Service BPO.

Luana Lopes – São Paulo/SP

Ms. Lopes holds a bachelor’s degree in Administration from FMU (Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas – SP); Office Automation Technologist and Secretarial studies from FATEC-SP (College of Technology of São Paulo) and Human Resources Administration from UNINOVE with a MBA in Excellency in Project Management and Organizational Processes from UNESP.

Speaker in events for FATEC SP and for those organized by the Portal of Secretaries with themes that include career management, skill management and project management. Publisher of articles on administration for the sites; Mexxer (Portugal); Ramo de Negócios and Portal das Secretárias.

More than 10 years of experience in multinational companies such as: Braskem, Chubb Seguros, Kumho Tire, Globo TV and Ernst & Young. Experience in State Management: Metropolitan Planning Company, Secretary of Transportation and Metro for São Paulo.

Lucinea Castro – São Paulo/SP

Ms. Castro has been with McKinsey since 2003, acting as executive secretary for two Senior Partners, planning and organizing their work routine and supporting them in their functions. She also supports the Coordinator of Secretaries in the development and implementation of strategic initiatives, as well as in the process of recruiting and evaluating the team of assistants.

Prior to this position, Lucinea lived in Sydney, Australia, where she held the job of Executive Assistant at ASMI – Australian Self-Medication Industry. She also worked for 5 years at Arthur Andersen Consulting, as well as at IPT – ‘Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas’.  Always in search of new challenges, Lucinea took a mathematics course in 2012. Being exposed to the exact sciences afforded her a new perspective, while it also broadened her problem solving skills as well as her creativity.

To keep up her energy and build her networking, Lucinea attends training courses, presentations and conferences in the area of executive secretarial work.

Ms. Castro has a degree in Languages from FMU and a graduate degree in Executive Consulting from FECAP.

Manuela Rodriguez – São Paulo/SP

Ms. Rodriguez has worked as Executive Secretary for large companies for 30 years. Teacher of Spanish in companies and as a private tutor. Graduate in Languages from Colégio Miguel de Cervantes (São Paulo) and Universidade de Salamanca (University of Salamanca – Spain).

Teacher of Spanish and Communication in Portuguese at Centro Universitário Assunção (University Assunção -, UNIFAI, for 8 years. She holds several extension courses such as Administration from SENAC (National Service of Business Education), PDE (Plan for Development of Public Schools) for teachers in the Communications area from SENAC and other courses such as Oratory, Verbal and Written Communication.

Writer and author of the books “Manual de Modelos de Cartas Comerciais (Manual of Templates of Commercial Correspondence), (Ed. Atlas), Manual de Correspondencia del Mercosur (Manual of Correspondence of the Mercosur – in Spanish), (Ed. Edicon); Comunicação e Objetividade (Communication and Objectivity) (Ed. Edicon); Comunicação e Correspondência Moderna (Communication and Modern Correspondence) (Ed. Edicon) and Por Favor, não Massacre a Língua Portuguesa (Please, do not Slay the Portuguese Language), (Ed. Edicon).

Marcela Brito – Brasília/DF

Ms. Brito works as an executive assistant for ten years. She is specialist in Business Management by Uninter, official translator in Brazil of Argentinian writer Claudio Agüero.

She works as analyst at Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, Professor at the University UPIS, blogger, CEO at Iventys Business Education, career consultant with expertise in customer service, executive secretarial performance, personal branding and leadership.

She is also author of the book “Cross-cultural secretariat: how to assist companies and professionals in business abroad” and co-founder of Committee of Executive Secretariat from D.F., Brazil.

Marlene de Oliveira – Curitiba/PR

Ms. Oliveira is graduate in Secretarial Profession from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (1988) (Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná) and Master in Latin American Integration at Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (Federal University of Santa Maria – State of Rio Grande do Sul – 2002).

Professor at IFPR, coordinator of the courses Technologist in Secretarial Practices and Post graduation in Business Administration; Professor responsible for the syllabus of the Program E-Tec Brasil.  Collaborator of Editora Ibex (Ibex Publishers), Revista de Gestão de Secretariado – GESEC (Magazine of Secretarial Management), UEL in projects of the secretarial area. She is also reviewer of INEP of graduate courses in Secretarial Area, Human Resources, in-class and online courses.

Experienced in Administration, with focus in Secretarial Capabilities, mainly in secretarial techniques, events, management, ceremonial and protocol. Co-author of Manual do Profissional de Secretariado (Manual of the Secretarial Professional – 4 volumes, Intersaberes Publishers). Author of teaching materials for online courses of IFPR (Federal Institute of Paraná – State of Paraná, Brazil), focusing on Secretarial Techniques I, II, Introduction on Events, Ceremonial and Protocol.

Maria do Carmo Todorov – São Paulo/SP

Ms. Todorov is Master in Business Administration – Project Management.  Specialist in TI in Education and in Training of Teachers for Higher Education. Bachelor in Management-major in Business and Secretariat.

Editorial Manager of Management and Administrative Professional Review (GESEC).

Professor of MBA in Public Administration and Business Management at Uninove. Ms. Todorov has worked as secretary for over 30 years.

Moacir Rauber – Florianópolis/SC

Mr. Rauber believes that he has “Many Reasons to Live well!” because “Melancholy does not Bring in High Ratings”. He also deems “Discipline is the Freedom”, which allows him to make sensible choices to lead him to a life that he can “Do anything that can be shared with his parents and make him proud to tell his children”.

He is a bachelor in Executive Secretariat, holds a MBA in Marketing and is a master in Human Resources Management from UMinho (University of Minho – Portugal) and also in Production Engineering from USFC. He is currently attending doctorate course in Business Sciences in Europe. He holds an international degree in Organizational Executive Coaching, certified by FIACE and by ICC.

Author of the book: Olhe mais uma vez! Em cada situação novas oportunidades (2010) (Look again!  In every circumstance, new opportunities); Perguntar não ofende… Uma abordagem de coaching para o profissional de Secretariado (2013) (It doesn’t hurt to ask… A coaching approach for the Professional Secretary); Superação, a marca do Ser Humano! (2013) (Mastering, the Brand of the Human Being); Ladrão de si mesmo (2016) (Thieve of Oneself); No reino de logo ali ao lado (2017, in-press) (In the Kingdom of Right Over There).

Nayara Bermudez – New York/USA

Ms. Bermudez graduated from Faculdade Uninter with a Bachelor degree in Secretarial Science/Executive Assistant (2014) and from Centro Universitário de Belo Horizonte, with a Bachelor degree in Linguistics & American and Brazilian Literatures (2011).

English Teacher certified by TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication).

Currently works as Trilingual Executive Assistant at Banco Itaú New York. Liaise as International Correspondent of the Secretaries Union of the State of São Paulo (SINSESP). Founder of the digital platform Brazilian Executive Assistants (BEA) whose focus is to develop administrative professionals’ core linguistics and multicultural skills.

Odete Reis – São Paulo/SP

Ms. Reis is a Trilingual Executive Secretary: German, English and Portuguese for thirty years in multinational companies: Hoechst/AgrEvo, Aventis/Sanofi and Mahle/Behr, in which she acquired extensive knowledge of the corporative world.

MBA in Strategic Business Management at FMU – Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas – SP. She gives lectures and courses in Executive Secretariate and Financial Educational Behavior.

Coauthor of the Book Excellence in the Secretarial Profession (2013) in the section “Say YES to you, to of Rede Globo and at Radio Metropolitana AM 1070 in Personal Finance.

Regina Rezende – Rio de Janeiro/RJ

Ms. Rezende is owner of the company in consultancy and education English for Secretaries.  She is teacher of English for over 25 years, consultant and speaker.

Graduated in Public Relations from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi (University Anhembi Morumbi) and is graduating in Human Resources Management from Universidade Estácio de Sá (University Estácio de Sá – Rio de Janeiro).  Mr. Rezende has a substantial experience in the Secretarial Field since she has worked for multinational companies in the most various fields along her extensive career.

She is also co-author of the book “Excelência no Secretariado” (Excellence in the Secretarial Profession’), where she wrote the chapter “Mitos e Dicas para o ensino de inglês para Secretariado” (Myths and Tips for Teaching of English for Secretaries). She was the Supervisor of Volunteers of the Olympic Games – Rio2016 – in the department that attended all delegation at the Olympic Village, which allowed her to broaden her view of the multicultural world.

Dr. Rosimeri Sabino – Aracaju/SE

Dr. Sabino is an Executive Secretary, Doctor in Education from Universidade Federal de Sergipe (Federal University of Sergipe – Piauí, Brazil, Master in Education, Administration and Communication, Distance Education Specialist, Specialist in Evaluation of Teaching and Learning.

Professor of Executive Secretariat at the Federal University of Sergipe, served in higher and technical education in Administration with emphasis in executive staff functions in public and private sectors. Author and researcher on Secretarial Skills.

Simara Rodrigues – Brasília/DF

Ms. Rodrigues is founding partner at SECGLOBAL Company, coordinator of the Bilingual Executive Secretariat Course at Universidade Paulista – UNIP, located in Brasília D.F.

She is a blogger, founder and co-founder of the Executive Secretariat Committee in D.F, member of the interdisciplinary researches group in Secretariat as known by (GPISEC) and co-author in the book called “The secrets for the personal and professional success”.

She is certified by the course “Scenario and Interaction in institutional relations” by PUC-SP; IAG – PUC and UFMG. She is postgraduate in project management with MBA degree by the Administration and Business School (ESAD) and Bachelor of Executive Secretariat at UPIS. She has worked for 17 years in advising senior executive management in public and private companies.

Solange Giorni – Belo Horizonte/MG

Mr. Giorni holds a degree in Bilingual Executive Secretarial, postgraduate degree in Human Resource Management and Higher Education Methodology. Master in Human Capital Management. Coordinator of Secretarial courses and University Professor.

Executive Secretary for 30 years working in public and private companies. Consultant and lecturer. Author of books: Consulting: a pillar of the professional secretarial. Professional Secretarial in Events Coordination.

Susana Casanova – Lisbon/Portugal

Ms. Casanova is doctoring in Communication Sciences from ISCTE-IUL. International Master in Management and Event Organization, Protocol and Ceremonial (2004).  Postgraduate in Business Consultancy (2002) and Image, Protocol and Event Coordination (2003).  She is a bachelor in Languages and Modern Literature (1996) from Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (University Autonomous of Lisbon).

She has been trainer and consultant in areas such as protocol, events, professional image, support, secretarial and intercultural communication. In this capacity, she achieved international experience in Brazil, Angola and Lebanon, as well as graduates of PALOP and several countries in EU and South America. She has been a faculty member of Universidade Européia (European University) since 2007 and presently teaching only at post-graduation courses.

She is coordinator of post graduation in Image, Protocol and Event Organization. Co-author of Manual de Protocolo Empresarial (Manual of Business Protocol, by LIDEL, October).

Walkíria Gomes de Almeida – São Paulo/SP

Ms. Almeida is attending a Master Program in International Management at Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing. She is a Business Management specialist from Fundação Escola de Comércio Álvares Penteado (FECAP).

Counselor at SINSESP (Secretaries’ Union of the State of São Paulo – term 2012/2016. Director of the company PhorumGroup-business development.  Consultant of Toucher-human development. Facilitator of UniSescon courses.  30 year-experience as Executive Secretary for large companies.

Co-author of the book ‘Excelência no Secretariado’ (Excellence in the Secretarial Profession – Ser Mais publishers).