Érika Martín – Madrid/Spain

Ms. Martín has worked for small, medium and large companies as well as multinationals in Spain and Germany.   She has worked in several departments of the companies such as Customer Service, Administrative, Reception, until one day she reached the General Management attending the CEO and the Commercial & Marketing Director of EMEA, where she stayed for more than 10 years.   She is author of the personal blog “Anécddotas de Secretarias” (Secretary Jokes) created to share fun stories of the daily life at work.   She has been orienting and mentoring, in a personalized way, professionals who wish to improve their personal and professional skills.

Fernando Andrade – São Paulo/SP

Lecturer and professor, Mr. Andrade dedicates himself to teach the effective use of technology in people´s daily lives.   He is a civil engineer, graduated from Universidade Mackenzie, a systems analyst by IBM and director of Pessoas e Tecnologia (People and Technology).   Author of several books published by Editora Nobel, with support of magazine “Você S.A.” A few years ago, taking advantage of his knowledge on technology, he decided to travel around the world utilizing the best apps for mobile phones.  His experiences are shared in his blog “www.pessoasetecnolgia.com.br/viagens”.

Jefferson Sampaio – Brasília/DF

Master’s in human Rights and Citizenship from Universidade de Brasília (UnB – University of Brasília), Specialist in Teaching of Higher Education, graduated in Social Sciences from Universidade Católica de Brasília (Catholic University of Brasília) and graduated in Bilingual Executive Secretariat from Faculdade Jesus Maria José (Jesus, Mary, and Joseph College). He is presently professor of Basic, Technical and Technology Education at Instituto Federal de Brasília (Federal Institute of Brasília – IFB) and he coordinates the course of Technology in the Secretariat of the institute. He is counselor of the Comitê de Secretariado Executivo do DF – COMSECDF (Executive Secretariat Committee). He carries out research in the areas of secretariat, advisory services, current methodologies, human rights education, education for citizenship and education for the youth and adult.

Kellen Torres – Brasília/DF

Executive Trilingual Secretary at Conselho Federal de Contabilidade (Federal Accounting Council) with more than ten years of experience. Graduated from UPIS, with an MBA in Assistance and Executive Secretariat from Centro Universitário Internacional Uninter (International University Center) and attending master’s degree in Human Resources and Knowledge Management at Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana. Founder of the company Torres Secretariado Remoto e Treinamentos. Professor, blogger and advocate for the appreciation of the Secretariat Profession.

Michelle Soares – Brasília/DF

Attendee of Master´s degree in education at Universidade de Brasília (University of Brasília – UnB), Specialist in University Management from the same University, MBA in Executive Assistance from Centro Universitário Internacional Uninter (International University Center), Bachelor in Executive Secretariat and graduated in Professional and Technological Education from Instituto Federal de Brasília (Federal Institute of Brasília -IFB). She coordinates the course of Executive Bilingual Secretariat at UniProjeção in Taguatinga – DF.   Columnist of Executive News Magazine of São Paulo. She has been an executive secretary at UnB for eight years and a professor of secretariat in technical and higher education. Member of the Comitê de Secretariado Executivo do DF (Executive Secretariat Committee of the Federal District).

Dr. Valdemar W. Setzer – Department of Computer Science (University of São Paulo -USP)

He was one of the pioneers in teaching and in the research of Computer Science in Brazil.   He is Full Senior Professor at the Department of Computer Science of the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics of USP (IME).  He was visiting professor at the universities in Austin (Texas – USA) and Stuttgart in Germany. He has held several management positions at USP. He was the founder of the Electronic Computing Center (CCE) at USP and the Computer Education Center of IME. He has published twelve books in Brazil and abroad and standing out are “Meios Eletrônicos e Educação: uma visão alternative (Electronic Media and Education) (Publisher. Escrituras) and “Bancos de Dados: aprenda o que são, melhore seus conhecimentos, construa os seus” (Databases: learn what they are, improve your knowledge, build your own) (Publisher – Edgard Blücher).

He was worked as a consultant in several companies such as SERPRO (governmental IT company), PRODESP (São Paulo’s IT company) and PROMON (engineering company). He has held a hectic schedule as a lecturer in philosophical, educational and scientific themes: www.ime.usp.br/~vwsetzer.

Susan Berkley – Nova Iorque/EUA

Susan Berkley is one of the most listened to voices in America –but she’s also helped launch more successful voice over careers than anyone else on the planet and no one on the inside of the voice over world disagrees. Susan launched her voice over career as a way to free herself from the clutches of a life as a ‘wage slave’ in Big Media. She struggled at first but then met a powerful mentor from Brazil who helped her overcome the “head trash” -self-doubt and unconscious acts of self sabotage that plague every artist and entrepreneur. She also devoted herself to the study of sales and marketing, systemizing a proprietary “Monetize Your Voice ™” method that she teaches in her training programs. Susan was a pioneer in innovative and uniquely effective forms of voice over training (the first to use teleconferences and virtual seminars as effective training tools), and the first to publish a popular Voice Over Ezine, Inside Voice over, still widely read by tens of thousands of beginning and professional talent world-wide. This is where Susan and the team at The Great Voice Company comes in. If you’ve ever wondered how great Voice Over career are born, you’re in for an honest discovery that really can change your life overnight.

Zelda La Grange – Joanesburgo/África do Sul

Zelda la Grange was born in apartheid South Africa. After her secondary education, she completed a 3-year National Diploma. She started her career in 1992 at the Department of State Expenditure and in 1994 applied for a job in the Office of the first democratic Presidency. In 1999, President Mandela hand-picked her from his personal staff to remain in his services beyond retirement. Together with Professor Jakes Gerwel, Zelda was the only other founding staff member of the post-Presidential Office of Mr Nelson Mandela from where the Nelson Mandela Foundation was established.  Zelda served President Mandela in various capacities over 19 years including Executive Personal Assistant, Spokesperson, Manager of Stakeholder relations, Aide-de-camp and Manager of his private office until his death on 5 December 2013. She has been awarded by a number of organisations for her dedication and service to the late Nelson Mandela. She currently serves as the Patron for the First for Women Foundation, non-executive Director of the non-profit organisation Healing Hands and annually acts as a co-ordinator of Bikers for Mandela Day through which she pays tribute and disseminates the lessons learnt from her former boss in a charitable way. In February 2016 New York based Maven Pictures’ Trudie Styler, Celine Rattray and Jacqui Lewis obtained the rights of “Good Morning, Mr Mandela” for adaptation into film.