Conditions of Registration

Fill the complete data of the participant (pay attention in typing the correct name of the participant, as it will be used in completing the Certificate).
Required fields to fill in the registration.

Concurrent Lectures

The choice of concurrent lectures are only saved when the registration form is completed with payment. If you do not complete the registration, you need to make the choice of the lecture again.

Forms of Payment

Registrations can be paid in the Credit Card up to 6 times

Notes: The entries made are personal and not transferable, not allowing sharing or sub-division thereof with more than one participant. – Certificate of Participation online: will be available after conclusion of the event for download of the participants with the presence of at least 75% of the time set for the event. – Confirmation of your registration will be subject to the authorization of your credit card. You will receive an e-mail confirming your order untill 3 days after confirmation of the payment.


The waiver, the values will not be returned for paid subscriptions, the participant may be substituted until 7 days before the event, privided the organization of the event is informed, via e-mail:

Event program

Please be advised that may occur without prior notice, change in the program or the speakers at the event, for reasons beyond our control.

Contact us via e-mail if you need some more information.