General Rules


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Registration by commitment note

For registrations by commitment note or groups, please contact us via e-mail.


Payment must be made only at “Congress Tab”, via Pag Seguro.

Workshop Registrations

On the 1st day of the event, 10/17/19, Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., there will be optional workshops and an additional fee added to COINS package.

Workshop 1 – (International) – 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Talk to influence: how to unlock the hidden power of your voice.
Summary: (Soon)
Susan Berkley – USA (President of “The Great Voice”)

Workshop 2 – 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Travels, corporate and personal, and the essential applications.
Summary: What to do? Where to stay? Which is the best flight? How to walk around the city? Answering such questions is very easy when using apps that really make our travel easier. From the preparation to the trip itself, the solutions are amazing. And very productive. In this workshop you will learn how to take better advantage of these features. What’s more, you can install them on your cell right away and go on a trip!
Fernando Andrade – São Paulo (Lecturer and professor)

Return Policy for Registration Fee

The registration is personal and non-transferable with no refund.


Up to March 3rd, 2019 From March 4th to June 30 From July 1st to October 16th
Students/Professors/Retired/Researchers R$ 560,00 R$ 650,00 R$ 740,00
Paying Member DEVELOP R$ 1.106,00 R$ 1.304,00 R$ 1.505,00
Member of Secretarial Unions R$ 1.106,00 R$ 1.304,00 R$ 1.505,00
Non Memberss R$1.655,00 R$ 1.961,00 R$ 2.258,00
COINS Online (Individual) R$1.106,00 R$ 1.304,00 R$ 1.505,00
COINS Online (Company) R$ 11.060,00 (**) R$ 13.040,00 R$ 15.050,00
Workshops – Exclusively R$ 1.064,00 R$ 1.064,00 R$ 1.064,00
Single workshop R$ 533,00 R$ 533,00 R$ 533,00

(**) Please contact us about this corporate payment condition for online registrations and the number of places available for such configuration.

Please note:   The prices include participation in the entire event, i.e., lectures and activities in the main auditorium; round tables, presentations of scientific articles, DF (Federal District) Secretariat Committee Forum, coffee break, visit to EXPO COINS, certificate and support materials.

Not included: moving of locations, lodging and meals.

As for the workshops, which are activities paid separately and according to participants´ interest and availability of places (up to 30 people).

Substitutions: They can be made free of charge up to 7 days prior to the event.

Program changes: Our commitment is to provide discussions and study of relevant topics by qualified speakers.   Any changes may be due unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure.    If any speaker be absent, he will be replaced by another specialist who is able to lead the discussion as scheduled.

Cancellations: In case of no attendance, no amount will be refunded.


Please contact us via e-mail and learn more about it.