• Pricing?

Up to March 28th, 2019

From March 29th to June 30

From July 1st to October 16th

First Group

Second Group

Third Group


 R$ 560,00

 R$ 650,00

 R$ 740,00


 R$ 560,00

 R$ 650,00

 R$ 740,00

Paying Member SINSESP and other Secretariat Unions

 R$ 1.106,00

 R$ 1.304,00

 R$ 1.505,00

Paying Member DEVELOP

 R$ 1.106,00

 R$ 1.304,00

 R$ 1.505,00


 R$ 1.655,00

 R$ 1.961,00

 R$ 2.258,00

COINS Online (Individual)

 R$ 1.106,00

 R$ 1.304,00

 R$ 1.505,00

COINS Online (Company)

 R$ 11.060,00

 R$ 13.040,00

 R$ 15.050,00

Workshops – Exclusively

 R$ 1.064,00

 R$ 1.262,00

 R$ 1.460,00

Single workshop

 R$ 533,00

 R$ 731,00

 R$ 930,00

• Can the student fee be paid in installments?

Yes. All registration fees, regardless of the category, may be paid in installment via PagSeguro or credit card.

• What is the fee as a member of my union in my country?

The same amount of DEVELOP member or any Secretarial Union Member.

• Will participants receive a certificate? How many hours?

Yes. The certificates will made available online, on the attendee’s page (remember to have your password at hand).   It is 20-hour-long event.

• Is there group rate discount?

Yes, as per description below:
– Up to 5 participants = 5% off;
– From 6 to 10 participants = 10% off;
– Above 10 participants = 15% off.

These discounts are not cumulative.

• What is included in the registration fee?

The prices include participation in the entire event, i.e., lectures and activities in the main auditorium; round tables, presentations of scientific articles, DF (Federal District) Secretariat Committee Forum, coffee break, visit to EXPO COINS, certificate and support materials.

Not included: moving of locations, lodging and meals.